September 26 Convening Regarding the Instructional Leadership Corps

The California Teachers Association (CTA), the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) at Stanford University, and the National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Stanford University cordially invite you to a Convening to gain a broad understanding of the purpose and the operation of the Instructional Leadership Corps, as well as a forum for discussion with other California educational leaders regarding ways to learn from and support each other. The Convening will include comments on the importance of the project from Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus and Faculty Director of SCOPE and Eric Heins, President of CTA.

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Linda Darling-Hammond
Charles E. Ducommun
Professor of Education Emeritus

President California Teachers Association

Eric C. Heins
California Teachers Association


The project supports these principles:

  • Use capacity to grow capacity: educators teach educators
  • Engage in cross-­role collaboration to enrich learning opportunities
  • Establish institutional partnerships to grow the conditions necessary for successful implementation of the California Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Develop knowledge and skills through a recursive and continuous approach of Learn, Do (practice, try out), and Assess (Learn more deeply)
  • Cohere and align with local initiatives and funding sources to use and sustain the capacities.


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