2021 New Educator Weekend (Home Edition!) Virtual Pass

Opening General Session with CTA President E. Toby Boyd

Smarter Balanced Roadmap

Proactive Classroom Management

Art It Up!

Wellbeing First

Get on the Right Track with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

Mathematical Reasoning-The Force Awakens

Effective Communication Techniques: Fostering Cohesiveness and Creating “The Fun” in the Classroom

Not Your Typical History Class – A Thematic Approach to Teaching History

A New Educators Guide to Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning

Secrets of the Fulfilled Teacher

General Session: Creating Our Hope and Joy

The Inside Out Of SEL

When Your Usual Bag of Tricks Doesn’t Work: The Six-Step Process That Helps You Deal With ANY Classroom Behavior That Comes Your Way!

Using Universal Design for Learning, To promote Success for All

One Simple Time-Saving (& Sanity-Saving) Tool for Every Teacher

Understand Students and Trauma

Helping Students Own Their Own Learning

IEPs Untangled- Everything You Need to Write and Run IEPs Like a Pro!

Write On! Using Music for Narrative Prompts in Writing

Understanding Student and Anger-Looking Deeper into the Student

General Session with Keynote Presentation from the authors of The Distance Learning Playbook

Creating Student Learning Communities

Embed Positive Mindful Moments in Your Classroom and Beyond

Getting to the heART of ELA and Social Studies Through the ARTS!

Taking Care of Yourself for the Long Haul