2021 CTA Good Teaching Conference (Elementary Home Edition!) Virtual Pass

The following sessions qualify for the University Credit Season Pass. Please visit cta.org/credit to learn more.

Opening General Session

Soaring Balloons & Heavy Shackles – Helping the Most Challenged Kids Soar

What is Structured Literacy?

Not Your Typical History Class: A Thematic Approach to Teaching History

Equality vs. Equity

Creating More Time for Teaching: Efficiencies & Empathy in Distance Learning & in the Classroom

Pedagogy of Resilience

Understand Students and Trauma

Making Curriculum Modifications in Minutes!

Googlify Your Teaching to Differentiate for All Learners

Cyberbullying & Cyber Safety

Get on the Right Track with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

Keep your Students Engaged and Motivated to Learn

Understanding Students and Anger – Looking Deeper Into the Student

The Beauty and Power of One – Developing Fraction & Division Concepts

Time to Teach: In-Person or Virtual Learning Strategies

Assessing Students for Learning

An Educators Guide for Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning

Adding More DRAMA and Writing into the Social Studies Classroom

Sustaining Notetaking Strategies in a Hybrid Classroom

This Is The Greatest (Slides) Show

Revisiting Our “Why”

Increasing Student Participation Online

Make the Shift from a ‘Fixed’ to a ‘Growth’ Mindset PE Program

We Rise Together: An Anti-Racism Educators Panel