2020 Summer Institute (Home Edition!) Virtual Pass

General Sessions

Opening Keynote Session with CTA President, E. Toby Boyd

Welcome and introduction from CTA President Toby Boyd.

Science & The Law: Public Health, Workplace Safety, and COVID-19

In this session, health and legal experts discuss strategies to mitigate COVID-19 in our schools. They will talk about how
COVID-19 prevention in our schools matters for our communities, partnering with your local health department, and key
features of a good school-based COVID-19 prevention plan. You will learn what you need to know to help keep our schools
safe for educators and our students.

Closing Keynote Session with California Senator, Toni Atkins

Our Closing Keynote will be Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins. Toni G. Atkins was born and raised in southwestern Virginia, the daughter of a miner and a seamstress, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia. In 1985, she moved across the country to San Diego, Calif., to help care for her sister’s young son while her sister served in the U.S. Navy. In San Diego, before becoming involved in public service, she worked as director of clinic services at Womancare Health Center.


Enhancing Basic Bargaining Skills in a COVID-19 Era

Participants will learn basic skills and knowledge important to all bargaining team members, particularly our right to bargain and what we can bargain. Using true-to-life examples, the trainers will highlight the skills needed for bargaining remotely, writing contract language, and using verbal techniques to help you be successful bargaining during this COVID era.

Presenters: Andrew Oman, Tom Pinkava, Rosemary Louissaint, Jim Rogers, Alva Rivera

Bargaining During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This session will examine current bargaining issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics may include return to school, bargaining during difficult economic times, distance learning, and/or the use of recent bargaining advisories.

Presenters: Vern Gates, Kris Dickson


Digital Tools: Canva, Animoto, Action Network

So many digital tools, so little time! This session will provide an introduction to digital tools to help you look awesome while you’re organizing online using social media. Digital tools reviewed include Canva, Animoto and Action Network — tools to help you create graphics, awesome photos and videos, and the tools to share them online and via email, respectively. Templates for COVID-19 and school-related issues will be shared.

Presenters: Terry Ng, Gabriella Landeros, Ed Sibby

Social Media Strategies to Support Local Advocacy Campaigns

The first half of this session will help enhance your skills on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The second half of this session outlines strategies in using social media to support what your union is doing at the bargaining table, campaigns and elections and to deal with crises that arise because of the COVID pandemic and its impact on students and educators.

Presenters: Sam DeMuro, Julian Peeples, Ed Sibby

Involving Parents and the Community in Advocacy Efforts

Educators must continue to be part of conversations and decisions that directly impact their students, along with how and when and how schools and colleges will reopen. Make sure members’ voices are heard when it comes to teaching and learning resources, concerns about student safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what needs to be in place for a safe working and learning environment (online and on-site). This session will focus on internal and external communication examples and tools and explores networking, branding and communicating with public education stakeholders as well as building your union’s professional reputation to be prepared for whatever the year presents.

Presenters: Frank Wells, Gabriella Landeros, Julian Peeples

Community Engagement

Community Engagement & Coalition Building – Day 1-2

Through the lens of Social Justice Unionism, the Community Engagement & Coalition Building session will explore making connections and deepening relationships with parent and community groups. This session will address equity issues within education and our communities; as well as examine how we can systemically dismantle inequities. Building on the backdrop of the current pandemic, and the racial and class injustices plaguing many of our students, schools, and communities, we will explore how bargaining for the common good can be used as a tool for social justice. This session will provide participants with the tools needed to analyze power in their own communities, with the goal of leveraging such power. Lastly, this session will look closely at how unions continue to be strong advocates for public education.

Presenters: Salina Joiner, Aisha Blanchard- Young, Brian Eldridge

Economic Justice

Economic Justice: Who Decides

This session will discuss the role politics plays in economic justice, including funding public education, privatization, and how unions help promote a just, democratic, and equitable society.

Presenters: Angela Su, Mitch Olson

Emerging Leaders

Building Relationships in the Midst of a Pandemic – Part 1-2

Building relationships as a new leader is difficult, but more critical than ever in the era of social distancing. This session will provide a general overview of tools needed by members who are new to union work.

Presenters: Josh Kob, Nicole Love, Sonya Lowe, Tomas Martinez, Halimah Mekki, Kim Mina, Lian Shoemake, Brian Stafford, Rose Luna

Instruction and Professional Development

IPD Keynote: Creating a Healing-Centered School in a Post-COVID World

This talk will explore the disproportionate impact of this crisis on communities that are already adversely impacted by health disparities, food deserts and economic disinvestments. The role of arts, culture and education can be used as powerful avenues through which to address and explore healing, racial and social justice. Dr. Ginwright will discuss tools, techniques and insights to address racial and social inequality and create a climate of healing.

Presenter: Dr. Shawn Ginwright

Strategies and Tools for Resilience

Dr. Gray is a classroom teacher and Certified Resilience Toolkit facilitator. In this session participants will learn how to develop self-awareness of the body and nervous system. They will also have the opportunity to discuss and practice multiple strategies to develop personal resilience.

Presenters: Dr. Salina Gray

To Your Health!

According to a recent American Psychological Association survey, over two-thirds of Americans report increased levels of stress due to the Covid-19 situation, and almost half- 48%- report severe anxiety about their future. This fall, we will open schools facing new challenges and many unknowns. We can only expect that our stress levels will continue to rise as that arrives. Dan will share 31 simple, proven strategies for responding to anxiety in healthy and positive ways. These techniques and habits can prevent us from spiraling downward into poor mental, physical and emotional health when we start to feel “stressed out.”

Presenters: Dan Wold

School Finance

School Finance: the Basics

In this session, you will learn about the documents needed to analyze district finances, when each document becomes available, and how to find the necessary information within each document. Participants will learn to calculate a district’s total outgo, its recommended reserve level, the percentage of the budget spent on bargaining unit salaries, and the cost of a 1% salary increase.

Presenters: Dave Brown, Brian Breslin, Daryl Hemenway, Mark DeWeerdt, Lisa Eck, Allyson Schweifler, Jeremiah Hewitt

School Finance During Challenging Times

This session will apply the knowledge gained in School Finance: The Basics to current, real-world situations. Participants will calculate the cost of a chapter’s bargaining proposal regarding class size, learn the factors to consider in determining a rational settlement, and use this knowledge to prepare for negotiations during an economic recession.

Presenters: Dave Brown, Brian Breslin, Daryl Hemenway, Mark DeWeerdt, Lisa Eck, Allyson Schweifler, Jeremiah Hewitt

Member Benefits

Get on the Right Track with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

Hop on the express train to the wide array of benefits available through your union membership! In our informative Member Benefits track, you’ll get an overview of the most popular member benefits to share with your members including:
– Educators Employment Liability (EEL) & Group Legal Services Program (GLS)
– CTA Access to Savings – Discounts and Travel program
– CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance
– Group Voluntary Life and Disability Insurance provided by The Standard
– Auto/Home/Renter’s Insurance provided by California Casualty
– CTA Retirement Savings Plan 403(b)
– Pet Insurance, Retail & Travel Discounts, Long-Term Care, Financial Services and More!

Presenters: Henry Ahn, Mindy Bartlett & Sean Mabey

All Aboard! CTA/NEA Member Benefits for Leaders

In this workshop, you will learn about many member engagement tools including:
– Building member appreciation, involvement, and loyalty
– Sharing information about exciting Member Benefits programs and discounts
– Using the value of membership and Member Benefits to engage members
– Improving your members’ financial well-being with benefits designed for them and a quality, low-fee retirement savings plan
– Combating threats from non-endorsed vendors, anti-union sentiments and campaigns

Presenters: Mindy Bartlett & Sean Mabey

Journey to Financial Independence

In this session, we’ll help you get started toward a financially secure retirement, review how to avoid the suboptimal plans, and discuss the basics of saving for retirement using easy-to-understand terms. We’ll highlight the CTA Retirement Savings Plan which was designed for educators and the only plan endorsed by CTA. This plan has high-quality investments at a low cost and a simple “quick enrollment” process that makes saving for retirement easy.

Presenters: Gary Allen, Henry Ahn

Member Organizing

Building Site-Based Power – Part 1-4

In this virtual course, we will focus on the skills, abilities, and proven best practices to recruit, engage, and organize members in our chapters and at every worksite. We’ll discuss the connection between building site structures, site leadership, and having organizing conversations that move our co-workers into action, including bargaining campaigns, site-based issues, and electoral efforts like Schools & Communities First. We’ll also demonstrate practical tools for integrating our organizing to win on issues people care about and to strengthen our local unions.

Presenters: Arleigh Kidd, Caroline Gonzales, David Partida, Memo Durgin