2020 New Educator Weekend (Home Edition!) Virtual Pass

Opening General Session with CTA President E. Toby Boyd

Digital Interactive Notebooks: Google Slides for a Virtual Science Classroom

Entering the Profession: The Rest of the Story

Equality vs. Equity

How to Coach Families Through Online Learning and Make Your Life Easier in the Process

Positive Classroom Management Strategies and Discipline Techniques

Apps, Add-Ons, Extensions, Oh My!

Embed a Positive Growth Mindset Within Your Students and Yourself

Get on the Right Track with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

My New Student Has An IEP, Now What?

What I Look Like

General Session with Keynote Speaker Dr. Victor Rios

Drawing out the Best in Your Students

Revisiting Our Why?

Teaching Tough Conversations: How Do We Introduce Race, Politics and Tragedy into our Classrooms

This Is The Greatest (Slides) Show

Understanding Tenure, Collective Bargaining, and Your Rights

A New Educators Guide to Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning

Oh! The Things You Can Draw!

Teaching Toward “WOW!”: The Art of Student Engagement

Understanding Students While Building and Teaching Empathy

General Session with Keynote Presentation from the authors of The Distance Learning Playbook

Distance Learning Up Close: Teaching for Engagement and Impact in Any Setting

Get Them Moving! Lesson Ideas for Kinesthetic Learners Online and in the Classroom

Building Resilience Through Self-Care