2020 New Educator Weekend (North) Virtual Pass

Supporting Long-Term English Learners in the Secondary Classroom

session 2

This workshop will be an overview of principles for supporting LTELs, and will walk you through a unit that demonstrates these principles in action.

Presented by: Rosie Reid

Strength-Based Superpowers!

session 3

Our #StrengthBasedSuperpowers are no secrets! Invisibility, telepathy, and teleportation are everyday magical tools that will support new teachers in the area of #RelationalLearning–getting to know your students, and your students getting to know you, too! Our session is about tech-savvy tools that you can use when you get back to the classroom, plus our session is largely about how to create and deepen relationships with students so that an ethic of CARE is at the center of all that they do and all that you do, too!

Presented by: Tricia Gee & Judy Blakeney

STREAM-ifying NGSS Science Content

session 4

How can you integrate science experiments, engineering, math and technology and READING in lessons your students will love doing? All with inquiry based, 5E NGSS lessons? Learn the simple steps for doing it all, with simple materials, appropriate for upper elementary through high school, all activities Monday – doable.

Presented by: Julie Smith