2020 Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Up Your Social Media Game: Instagram and Facebook Live for Union Building

2020 Issues Conference Virtual Pass Session 1

Many of us use social media in our everyday lives, but what’s the best way to use it to uplift your local and support our movement? This fast-paced session dives into Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Live and gives you the best practices you need to know to address your goals. Leave this session with better understanding of hashtag use, how to create an Instagram story, and the best way to utilize Facebook Live. It is recommended participants come to this session with the apps already downloaded to a phone, tablet, and/or laptop and accounts created in order to participate effectively.

Presenters: Sam DeMuro, Terry Ng

Journey to Financial Independence

2020 Issues Conference Virtual Pass Session 2

CTA wants you to have a long and happy retirement. CalSTRS and CalPERS will only cover about half of the income you will need in retirement so it is essential that you start a retirement savings plan to make up the difference. There are a lot of plans offered to educators but many have high fees or surrender charges. In this session, we will help you get started toward a financially secure retirement and avoid the suboptimal plans. We will review the basics of saving for retirement using easy-to-understand terms. We will highlight the CTA Retirement Savings Plan which was designed for educators and the only plan endorsed by CTA. This plan has a simple “quick enrollment” process that makes saving for retirement easy.

Presenters: Mindy Bartlett, Henry Ahn

Ethnic Minority Leadership Development: Empowerment for Leaders

2020 Issues Conference Virtual Pass Session 3

This session focuses on the definition of power and how leaders use power to achieve their goals within the Association. The instruments and sources of power will be explored. Attention is given to campaign strategies.

Presenters: Tony Duarte, Chuck Mendoza

Public Safety Power Shut Off: Advice for Local Union Leaders

2020 Issues Conference Virtual Pass Session 4

Has your local been affected by the Public Safety Power Shutoffs? Will your local be affected in the future? Is this the “new normal?” The CTA Issues Conference workshop on Public Safety Power Shut-offs will walk you through CTA’s guidance on this issue, allow you to compare on-the-ground notes with other CTA leaders from around the state and prepare you to develop a plan of action to address the impact of previous and future electricity shut-offs.

Presenters: Dave Brown, Daryl Hemenway