2020 Good Teaching Conference (North) Virtual Pass

NGSS Tips, Hints and Examples


The first portion of the presentation will be focused on how to create a NGSS classroom and engaging activities. The second portion of the presentation will focus on secondary deomonstrations that have been used in chemistry, biology, physics, marine biology and anatomy.

Presented by: Nicole Byslma & Susanna Lee

Protecting Students and Preparing Leaders When White Nationalist Ideology Comes to Campus


This workshop is an opportunity for educators to build a foundation of knowledge that will help them recognize when white nationalism comes to campus and feel more prepared to take action to protect students.
‐What is white nationalism, who are they and what is their ideology?
‐How are white nationalists targeting and recruiting students?
‐How can educators recognize the warning signs?
‐How can educators prepare to respond?

Presenter: Aisha Blanchard‐Young & Dr. Shelly Tochluk

Your Power as a Teacher… Social Emotional Learning: Know Yourself, Know Your Students, Bridge the Gap


Knowing ourselves and who we are as educators helps us find the power within ourselves to thrive as teachers because by doing so we gain clarity on our purpose. Knowing our students; who our students are, where they come from, and what they bring into the classroom as a starting point, before we even think about teaching them academics or bringing in the pedagogy and theory of education, helps provide a safe zone in the classroom so that social emotional learning can be our foundation to grow academically.

Presented by: Angela Censoplano


Are School Site Councils Game Changers in Accountability?


The passage of AB 716 (O’Donnell) places some new responsibilities on School Site Councils and increases their role in empowering and engaging schools and communities in the LCAP and accountability process. Districts are required to consult with SSCs and seek their input prior to writing or revising the LCAP for submission to the county office. The School Plan for Student Achievement is now directly connected to the district’s LCAP. School Site Councils can be game changers in the accountability work. Come find out how.

Presented by: Marlene Fong

Instructional Strategies for Special Education


Instructional Strategies for Special Education covers topics for teachers in a Mild/Moderate setting as well as teachers in a Moderate/Severe setting. Melisa also taught RSP so she has a background in that as well. She will give you tips on what you can do to make your life and your student’s classroom environment better for everyone.

Presented by: Melinda Killen