2019 Presidents Conference Virtual Pass

101 Ways to Energize Your Chapter


With 101 different examples of how Union members have built strength through new ideas and initiatives, you will leave with lots of ideas that you can incorporate at your site as soon as you get back to work! No longer will your members say “been there, done that” because there will be new ways to engage your membership as well as talking points on how to ensure you can implement changes for the better. With so many ideas in 90 minutes, get ready to take notes because the ideas are going to be non‐stop!

Presenters: Karmen Ortloff & Nate Williams

Digital Strategy for Strengthening our Locals – Tools and Tactics to Translate Online Activism into Offline Power


In an era of mass online activism, how can we use digital tools and tactics to harness the power of energized allies and members? Join this training for an overview of the tools we have at our fingertips with Action Network as well as a discussion on best practices and tips for helping actions cut through the noise and build power for your local.

Presenter: Rachel Warino

Make Your Membership Soar – A Leader’s Guide to Planning, Processing and Promoting


Zooming through the sky, don’t let this pass you by! All local leaders, membership chairs and site reps play a crucial part in recruiting, engaging and maintaining membership for your local. Come get familiar with the steps, forms and timelines for membership. Learn how to explain CTA’s maintenance of dues, understand your role in member retention and become aware of the benefits important to all CTA members. Discover CTA’s membership resources and tools to aid in developing and executing your member engagement plans.

Presenters: Sam Wu, Zayar Hliathu & Steve Perry

Red for Ed Nationwide Wins and What’s Next


From West Virginia to Oklahoma, North Carolina to Arizona, educators walked out of their classrooms for their students and the profession. “How can WE put students first when YOU put teachers last?” read many of the signs held on the state capitol lawns. Hear about how and why this red tide swept across the country in states that have been traditionally red politically and where in some cases bargaining and strikes are prohibited. What can we learn from this growing movement and where do we go from here?

Presenters: Brian Beallor, Charles Holmes & Mitch Olson

Emergency Response Systems: Help When You Need It


Are you prepared? This session is a presentation between the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the CTA Center for Organizing and Bargaining. Communities we serve, live and teach in have been severely impacted by a series of disasters. Come listen to key learnings and best practices to help you be better prepared to respond to emergencies and to assist school districts, local chapters and members respond to and recover from disasters.

Presenters: Lynne Olson & Arleigh Kidd