2019 New Educator Weekend (South) Virtual Pass

Beginner to Intermediate Google Classroom in an Hour


Learn how to navigate through Google Classroom to keep your students engaged in the lesson beginning to end, all the while you go paperless as you teach and assess learning. Introduce all the great things Google Classroom can do to help teachers be organized, give assignments, quizzes, questions and grades to students.

Presenters: Kari Florez, Rafael Gonzalez & Tanisha Ross

Getting Started with Google Classroom


This beginner session will teach you the basics so that you can get started on your own. Whether you teach primary, high school, or anything in between, Google Classroom is adaptable for your students. Google Classroom is a terrific tech tool to create your very own online classroom. This session is for anyone new to educational technology, 1:1 devices, or G Suite for Education.

Presenter: MaryAlison Weintraub

Using Unconventional Methods to Engage, Empower and Educate


Every student is an “A” student if you focus on his or her strengths. Educators must take risks and find creative ways to ensure that lessons are effective and engaging.

Presenters: Nicholas Ferroni

Mind the Gap – Using Effective Feedback to Fill Gaps in Your Students’ Learning

session-2Learn how and when to give feedback so that your students are actually motivated to make revisions. Discover how you can spend LESS time grading and more time interacting with your students. Eliminate the frustration of caring more than your students about how much they improve and master the standards, and empower them to take control of their own learning. Leave with both in-class strategies as well as knowledge of powerful online tools to make giving feedback more efficient.

Presenter: Kimberly Lepre

Simple Solutions – Rick Morris’ Top 5 Things

session-2‘I see these 5 strategies as building blocks for the creation of a happy, productive classroom. Even if you only use one of them, you and the students will notice an improvement in how things are done.’ – Rick Morris, 31 year classroom teacher

Presenter: Rick Morris

Fostering Social Emotional Growth in the Classroom

session-2Come find and share ways that work to foster SEL in your classroom. I’ll share with you the research and pedagogy behind incorporating SEL in your curriculum. Get lesson plans that cover grades K-2 as well as 3-6. Experience 3 activities that you can use in your classroom right away that really engage your students and encourage Growth Mindset.

Presenter: Marjorie Evans

Getting to the heART of Social Studies Through the ARTS

session-2Watch practical ways to enhance your Social Studies and ELA programs with art integrated lessons. Primary and intermediate classroom examples will be shared. Participants will leave with resources and ideas that can easily be implemented into classrooms that will increase student engagement while enhancing learning through various VAPA strands.

Presenter: Ron Boren

Not Your Typical History Class: A Thematic Approach to Teaching History

session-2History has traditionally been taught chronologically. Oftentimes, the subject itself can be seen as boring and simply pure memorization of facts. A thematic approach can be an alternative, especially with building historical relevance for our students. This presentation will examine the concepts behind a thematic curriculum design and provide attendees the framework necessary to build their own curriculum.

Presenter: Jayson Chang

Ally Action: Moving the Climate Needle from Bystanders to Allies

session-2This workshop will help educators support students in taking a deep dive into empathy, solidarity, and action. It focuses on identity-based bullying. Likewise, it equips the student participants with a menu of prevention/intervention/post-vention options that THEY THEMSELVES brainstorm and evaluate for potential risk and effectiveness. Bystanders are empowered and transformed into agents of action–Ally Action–on behalf of ALL classmates when they need it the most.

Presenter: Mick Rabin

STEM-Tastic Shared Research

session-2Join me to learn how you can make shared research engaging, meaningful and useful. I’ll share tips on how to integrate technology, writing and art into a K-2 based research project. Your students will become STEM-Tastic at research.

Presenter: Tracy Doverspike