2019 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference Virtual Pass

LGBTQ+ History: Our History Includes Everyone!


The LGBTQ+ movement has had a long and rich history but tends to dismiss the contributions of people of color. This workshop will explore the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ issues, people and struggles still to come!

Presenters: C. Scott Miller & Sonia Martin-Solis

Instant GSA (Just Add Kids!) – A GSA Quick-start Workshop


This interactive session will guide you through how to start and sustain a GSA (or similar organization) at your school site, with a particular focus on the middle school level.

Presenter: Lisa Avery

Here We Are. But How Did We Get Here?


The presentation will look at LGBTQ+ history and how it correlates with what was happening in CTA and the world at the time. We need to know what happened in the past to appreciate what we have gained as a community and what we have to continue to fight for.

Presenters: Sue Cirillo

CTA LGBTQ+ Grant and Scholarship Program


This presentation will cover the grant and scholarship requirements for the LGBTQ+ Safety in Schools Grant and Scholarship Program in Honor of Guy DeRosa.

Presenter: Fidel Banuelos