2019 Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Membership Engagement: Teacher-Led Professional Development


To maintain a strong union presence and to keep our members engaged, an equally important role of a local association is to provide professional development for its members. The Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) project, a partnership between CTA and Stanford University, is a teacher-led professional development project focused on implementing the California Standards and Assessments. The ILC project has 240 educators spread equally among each of the 4 CTA regions. Come hear how ILC members are engaging our members and building capacity in their local areas.

Presented by: Marlene Fong

Bomb Threats, Intruders, Active Shooters – Be Prepared for an Emergency!


Will you be prepared when the emergency happens? Unexpected incidents, everything from fires and earthquakes to bomb threats and intruders, occur at schools every day. What can you do to make schools safer for your members? This workshop will address strategies for working with school staff, parents and the community to create a safe environment for our school employees and students. Have you ever thought of what you would do in a lockdown? What if it was during recess or lunch?
Included will be suggestions on how you can respond if a crisis occurs in your district and what to do in the event of a lengthy lockdown. The staff will also share examples of assisting members during violent events, natural disasters and other incidents that create a loss.

Presenter: Dave Brown, Dan Kivett

Cultivating Creativity and Building Strong Relationships with IFT Grants


This session will provide an overview of how the Institute for Teaching’s (IFT) strength-based approach has empowered CTA members to transform their classrooms, schools and school communities with innovative ideas and student-centered learning practices. Over the last 9 years, IFT grants have provided over 3 Million dollars in resources to fund the passions that our members feel for their work and their students. The IFT awards grants range from $5,000 to $20,000 for classroom or school site projects. Learn how teachers are building relationships and cultivating change from the classroom level up. Information about the Thrively strength-based Student Assessment will also be included

Presented by: Anita Benitas, Dick Gale