2019 Good Teaching Conference (North) Virtual Pass

Student‐led Conferences for Student-centered Education (All Grades)


How can we get students to see the benefits of their education in relation to their own goals so they take greater ownership of their learning? How can we better individualize instruction to increase content mastery? How can we increase positive communication about school between students and their family? How can we more consistently promote reflection and growth? How can we create meaningful speaking experiences for students? How can we do all of this while covering the content? Come join us to learn why we love student-led conferences and then design your own with our fail-proof plans and resources!

Presented by: Marisa Thompson, Brooke Tobia

How to Create Your Own Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Classroom (Grades 9‐12)


This interactive workshop will provide resources to help all educators create their own UDL classroom and implement UDL lessons with their teaching style. UDL is an evidence base platform that is designed to assist teachers with the alignment of curriculum with CCSS & NGSS.

Presenter: Raul Miranda

Gamification: Using MinecraftEdu in the Classroom (Grades 3‐8)


Minecraft is an extremely popular game with many students. This presentation aims to give teachers tools to use MinecraftEdu in the classroom. The goal will be to develop projects to help students demonstrate understanding using Minecraft. Teachers can use Minecraft to asses students in mathematics, ELA, science, and social studies.

Presented by: Christopher Hazelton


Building Empathy Through Global Communication and Collaboration (Grades 3‐12)


Teachers will see how global projects organized around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can encompass Common Core Standards while teaching empathy and compassion. This session will feature a live Skype meeting with educators from around the world discussing such collaborative global projects as Human Differences, Climate Change and Mirror School.

Presented by: Tammy Dunbar