2018 Summer Institute Virtual Pass

Inspire a Positive Growth Mindset in Your Students and Yourself


What is growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, and how does it directly relate to the Common Core Standards? Come investigate your own mindset and how it affects your teaching and your student’s learning. Experience powerful videos, interactive activities, annotated note-taking strategies and quality questioning techniques that you can use now and for the rest of your career. Inspire your students to persevere through rigorous challenges and enjoy the discovery and learning process!

Presented by: Alyson Hoberect

Emotion, the Brain and the Growth Mindset


Keynote session by neuroscientist Kenneth Wesson.

Social Emotional Learning Competencies/Teaching Practices


Attendees will explore and evaluate themselves using the ten Social Emotional Learning competencies from Teaching the Whole Child from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders. Participants will collaboratively explore real life application of SEL in the classroom and be able to take home ideas that can be incorporated into the classroom on the first day of school.

Presenter: Jennifer D’Antoni

What’s Missing In Our Classrooms


Keynote session by Lee Mun Wah – documentary filmmaker, author, poet, Asian storyteller, educator, community therapist, and master diversity trainer.

League of Extraordinary Learners: Building Teams That Work


Make space for students’ voices and agency build classroom culture and learning around communal (sociocultural) talk and task structures.

Presenter: Angela Der Ramos

Responding to Discriminatory Incidents at School


Bonus session by Lee Mun Wah.