2018 Presidents Conference Virtual Pass

From Enrollment to Engagement – The New Member Lifecycle


Engaging and organizing members is essential and rewarding! It is critical for Membership Chairs and local leaders to know how to sign up a new member, answer the tough questions, know what to do with enrollment forms and understand how to update and share membership information with CTA. Discover CTA’s Association Management tools and Membership Chair resources which will aid locals in their member engagement plans. Also included is a step-by-step guide to successfully committing individuals to membership with the new CTA Commitment Card. This personalized Commitment Card is used by locals to recommit members to the organization. We’ll share success stories and how you can get started in your local.

CTA 360Pro & CTA 360 App – Using the Power of Data to Organize


This session will introduce CTA 360Pro, the updated desktop and laptop access point to CTA’s Association Management System. This game changer for local leaders opens the door to powerful individual information, leadership roles and reports.