2018 New Educator Weekend Virtual Pass

February 24, 2018

You Have a Special Education Student in Your Classroom – Now What?


This presentation is designed for new educators to help them navigate the world of special education and learn the “tricks of the trade” to feel more confident working with students with specialized needs. I will introduce the participants to different disabilities and address different ways of working with these types of students.

Participants will leave with with real-life intervention ideas for dealing with challenging behaviors in the classroom and feel more confident in meeting the needs of all students in their classrooms. This presentation will “translate” the often confusing world of IEP’s and help teachers feel more confident in being an active member in developing and implementing IEP’s.

Brandie Rosen

Multicultural Education: Having Your Students See Themselves in Your Classroom & Curriculum


One thing that successful educators agree on is that most students need to feel connected and understood before they start reaching their potential. When educators give students the opportunity to see themselves in the curriculum through multicultural education, they are creating a welcoming & learning environment. We know that as new educators you have a lot on your plate, and multicultural education may seem like one more thing to add, but don’t fear! It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, taking small steps to introduce diversity into your classroom can and WILL make a big difference.

Participants will walk away with practical examples to implement multicultural awareness in their lessons using age appropriate children’s literature and activities. Be ready to interact and discuss how you can assure your students see themselves in your classroom and curriculum!

Erika Zamora

It’s OUR Union: A Millennial’s Perspective

session-2It’s our Union, Our Voice! How can OUR voice be heard? Learn how to get involved in Our Union through the lens of fellow millennials. Presenters will share their experiences on how being involved has changed their mindset and inspired them to take a stand for social justice and equity in education. Learn how to navigate all that CTA is and what it can be with our voices united as one!

Jess Sanchez & Erika Zamona

Special Education for the General Education Teacher

session-2Discover how students can overcome boredom and perfectionism permanently. Teaching toward “WOW!” is teaching toward amazement, not just comprehension. It is tapping the wonder and genius of childhood itself. It is teaching facts, understanding and judgment through the senses, imagination and emotions. It is remembering that teaching is always a creative act, a performing art and a place where imagination fosters intellect, and clarity and understanding require mystery and surprise.

Courtney Stockton