2018 New Educator Weekend (South) Virtual Pass

Saturday – December 15, 2018

9:15am: How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand and Advocate for Education


This workshop will use real-life examples to show how educators are using Twitter and Instagram to build their own brand, personal learning network and participate in national conversations about education issues and advocacy. Learn about what makes a good Twitter bio, education-related hashtags and social media best practices. Educators will leave this workshop with a better understanding of content creation, social media strategies and resources for the classroom. Great workshop for educators who want to learn how hashtags will help build your network and enhance your experience at #CTANEW!

Presented by: Sam DeMuro & Terry Ng

10:45am: Life is a Classroom


I teach in a low socioeconomic, urban community in southern California. And I want you to know about these kids and the teachers who teach them. This presentation is an intimate look into the lives of us teachers, these students, their family lives and the understanding that we are all connected, regardless of how different our lives may look on the outside; a reminder to all what joy, humor and enlightenment children can bring into our lives.

Presenter: Angela Censoplano Holmes

1:30pm: College and Career Readiness in the Classroom


Creating a college and career readiness culture doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This workshop will provide fun, creative and practical ways to promote college and career readiness in your classroom. Presenter will share activities, lesson plans, and school-wide events that have exposed her students to the college and career exploration from TK-5th grade.

Presented by: E Zamora

3:00pm: Teaching Toward “WOW!” The Secret to Student Engagement


Learn practical techniques that work like magic. Teaching toward “WOW!” is teaching toward amazement not just comprehension. It is tapping the wonder and “genius” of childhood itself, when we learned from everything with all of ourselves. It is teaching facts, understanding, and judgment through the senses, imagination, and emotions. It is remembering that the best teaching is always a creative act, a performing art, and a place where imagination builds intellect, understanding thrives on mystery, and students listen with their passions not just their ears.

Presented by: Jon Pearson

Sunday – December 16, 2018

9:00am: So, You Want to Go Into Modeling? (Middle School Math Modeling)


ANYone can do it, with paper! Spark deeper understanding by Modeling with Mathematics (practice 4). These powerful tools represent core middle school concepts of fractions, ratios, proportions and percents. Bar models and double number lines are excellent for building and solidifying students’ concepts of number relationships like fractions, ratios, rates, proportions and percents. They also assist students as a tool in interpreting and modeling relationships in word problems. Spark deeper student understanding by using these models to connect concrete to abstract representations. Also known as tape diagrams, fraction strips, or length models, the only required material is paper!

Presenter: Rebecca Williams & Lori McNeill