2018 GLBT Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Creating Brave Spaces


This session will explore how one middle school started their “Everyone for Equality” club and highlight the obstacles we faced, how we overcame them, how we have evolved over time, and how we have found success within our student demographics. We determined, on our campus, that we needed a space where students could explore a variety of topics without fear of judgement or ridicule. This session should particularly benefit individuals looking to provide an extracurricular club/activity for students who are interested in social justice/leadership issues specific to the needs of their student populations.

Presented by: Kelly Baraki & Lori Caldeira

FAIR 2.0 (Grades 6-12)


This session is for educators familiar with FAIR and who want to move this important work forward in their classroom, school, and district. This secondary collaborative professional learning will work to create standards-aligned grade-level lesson plans that support FAIR and the History/ Social Science Framework. This session should particularly benefit history/ social science teachers and secondary advocates.

Presenter: Melanie Bean

There’s a Law… Now What?


Interpreting the law can be cumbersome and frustrating when others create obstacles for full implementation. Find out what’s new, how to message around the attacks, and how to become a stronger advocate.

Presenter: C Scott Miller