2017 Presidents Conference Virtual Pass

July 22:

Academic Freedom in the Current Political Climate​


Presented by: Dan Reynolds & Helen Farias

“My principal made me take down my diversity poster.” “A parent complained because this author is from Afghanistan.” “Our Board is saying we shouldn’t teach about protest.”– In schools across our nation, academic freedom is being limited and in many places attacked. We can’t let this happen. Join us for an interactive session as we focus on how we can procure, promote, and protect academic freedom in our unions and our schools.

School Employee Well-Being Through Labor & Management Collaboration


Presented by: Kathy Rallings

How union leaders can work with school administrators to develop initiatives for well-being and create a better place to learn, work and thrive. In this workshop, we will discuss school employee well-being programs in your districts and how CTA leaders can support strong initiatives that reflect the real needs and interests of your members. The workshop will provide you with a newly developed guide for “School Employee Well-Being Through Collaboration” combined with training on how to best utilize this guide. You will learn how to discuss well-being and partnership with your members, and how to work the 10 steps to developing a meaningful well-being initiative. The session will include plenty of discussion and interactive exercises.

What Local Presidents need to know about the Current state of Health Care in California and
throughout the Country


Presented by: Kathy Rallings

This workshop will focus on the most up to date information available about health care and how you and your chapter can become engaged at the grassroots level to move forward a sustainable, secure and just health care system in California. We will discuss current plans available to school district employees and legislation moving forward that could have a dramatic on current and future plans.

July 23:

Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities: What a President Needs to Know


Presented by: Scott Postel

As President, you have a duty of fair representation every time your local represents a member or provides a service. In addition, your responsibilities in regard to association finances do not end with the election of a Treasurer. This training will focus in on your fiduciary responsibilities in regard to representation and finances.

Retirement Savings Made Easy


Presented by: Henry Ahn

CTA Member Benefits will explain the importance of supplementing your pension benefits and provide an introduction to several basic retirement investment principles. The session will cover 403(b) and 457 plans, product offerings, and plan fee information. The new CTA Retirement Savings Plan will be featured. We will distribute and discuss numerous CTA resources that have been designed to help you make important investment decisions. We’ll talk about how you can protect your interests when selecting investment advisors and products and how you can assist your members.

The Impacts of the Loss of Fair Share


Presented by: Susan Green, CTA Board Member

Panel Introduction: Eric C. Heins, CTA President

Guest Panelists:
Steven Cook, President, Michigan EA
Gretchen Dziadosz, Executive Director, Michigan EA
Charles Smith, President, Missouri NEA
Mark Jones, Political Director, Missouri NEA
Stephanie Winkler, President, Kentucky EA
Mary Wheeler-Ruble, Executive Director, Kentucky EA

A candid and frank panel discussion regarding the impacts to our association based on the loss of Fair Share. The panel features presidents and staff from several states that went through dramatic changes as a result of the loss of fair share. They describe the implications, challenges and opportunities including how to increase member engagement and involvement and how to pivot to an organizing model. The panel also discusses steps that locals should be taking now and in the future to weather the storms ahead and to come out stronger than before.