2017 New Educator Weekend Virtual Pass

7 Factors: #StrengthBased Student Engagement for the #RockstarTeacher


Presented by: Tricia Hyun

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. #Superhero strategies to ensure a strength-based classroom where trust and respect conquer the classroom universe! Rest, relax, rejuvenate and reflect as others #marvel at your #agency and newly discovered management powers!

Individualize your classroom management strategies by focusing on your personal ethic of care and your strength-based approach. Fill your classroom universe with respect and trust using the simplest strategies and technology tools.

Classroom Culture and management for Secondary Educators


Presented by: Marisa Brown & Juliana Tapper

Teachers will deepen their understanding of what classroom culture is, why it matters, how to create structures to build students’ motivation and help students take ownership of their academic performance through the use of tools that encourage the development of safe, trusting, respectful and well-managed classrooms.

Ninja Classroom Management Moves: Creating a Classroom Kids Love Coming To


Presented by: Rebecca Mieliwocki

In this fast-paced and interactive session, teachers will learn the essential elements of a welcoming, calm, organized and engaging classroom where all learners can succeed. Filled with tips, strategies and tools to guide the new teacher, Ninja Classroom Management Skills will give you the confidence you need to run your room smoothly and well leaving you free to do the thing you do best: teach.

The Adolescent Award Brain – Positive Classroom Management for the Most Challenging Classrooms


Presented by: Julie Smith

Research shows that during adolescence, brains are more attuned to awards and rewards than punishment, than at any other time in life. Harness this knowledge with a variety of positive classroom management strategies that can salvage even the most challenging behavior environments. Strategies include not only how to use rewards, but also how to incorporate technology to create positive relationship environments with your students. Ways to rescue even a bad day, with the worst classroom management meltdowns are presented. This presentation’s content is aligned with Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.

Jimmy Burns: It’s funny because it’s real

Presented by: Jimmy Burns “The Teacher Comedian”

Jimmy Burns has walked the halls and lived the life any teacher will recognize. Known for being teamed with Arsenio Hall, George Lopez or Brad Garrett, Jimmy is most at home telling stories from his days as a teacher. A skilled comic talent who finds an instant comfort level with his audience, Jimmy’s warmth and joyful approach make him a hit in any room – especially a room filled with educators.

Rob Black: Money Management for Millennials

Presented by: Rob Black, Host of Rob Black & Your Money Podcast

How to Continue to Find Meaning in the Teaching Profession

Presented by: Leslie Young

Research shows that 50% of all beginning public school teachers leave the profession within the first five years of teaching. How can you learn to not become one of those statistics? This session will address the difficulties facing beginning teachers, what we know about these teachers and the career cycle of teachers as a whole, the symptoms of burn-out and what teachers can do to renew themselves in the profession. Theoretical and practical advice from long-time veteran teachers will be shared.

Bridging Classroom Culture to Content in Secondary Mathematics

Presented by: Juliana Tapper

This session will help teachers deepen their understanding of classroom culture. Explore the importance and power of building a positive classroom culture as we learn two strategies to bridge a culture building activity with secondary math content.

Literacy Practices: Taking a Closer Look at Text Elements of Fiction

Presented by: Nancy Lara

In this presentation, participants will walk away with a month-long unit on how to introduce Fiction text elements: character, setting, beginning, events, ending, problem, solution and central message. Participants will receive charting, text and student motivation ideas.

Teaching with Technology

Presented by: Eric Bunyan

This session will guide new teachers on how to fully immerse technology into their own classrooms. A full training session will cover the basics on how to acquire technology for the classroom, how to create a learning environment with technology and how to stay engaged with current trends in technology. This program is designed for all grade level, middle school and high school teachers, as well as special education teachers in mild/moderate/severe settings.