2016 Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Retirement: Changes and the Future


In recent years, the California public retirement systems have undergone major changes. In this session we will discuss the changes that have impacted CalSTRS/CalPERS members, current changes which impact CalSTRS members and the future of public retirement systems.

The Role of Education Support Professionals in Balancing a Whole Child Education Approach with the Common Core State Standards Initiative


All educators, teachers and ESPs, need to be familiar with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and how they impact not only instructional decisions made in the classroom, but the broader mission of education and serving students in all contexts. The entire school team should understand education standards for all content areas and what it means to approach education standards from an integrated, whole school, whole student perspective. This session will demonstrate how ESPs can utilize the CCSS in a way that advances all areas of education beyond just reading and mathematics.

Teacher-Driven Change: The Future for Transforming the Profession


Member-driven creativity, passion and innovation are the keys to transforming the profession. This session will provide an overview of how the CTA Institute for Teaching’s strength-based approach has empowered members to drive the change from the ground level. IFT grants provide resources to tap into the passions that our members feel for their work in their classrooms, at their school sites and within their communities. Find out how the IFT is working to assist our unions in having a real voice in school transformation by supporting our members as they shape the future and transform the profession.

Site Blitz


In this workshop, the trainer and participants will develop plans for making site visits a vital part of an overall organizing plan. Participants should be ready to talk about their successes and struggles, and to hear about what has worked in other chapters. We will examine strategies for chapters of different sizes. Be ready to go back and try them!

Closing General Session With Dana Goldstein


Dana Goldstein is a journalist and the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Teacher Wars:  A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession. She is a staff writer at The Marshall Project (a non-profit online journalism organization for on-going issues related to criminal justice in the United States), and a contributor to Slate, The Atlantic and other magazines. Dana writes about education, social science, inequality, criminal justice, women’s issues, cities and public health.