2016 Good Teaching Conference (South) Virtual Pass

Friday – February 26

Assessment Literacy Overview


Three experts in Common Core Assessments will provide an assessment literacy overview and will focus their training on building a bridge between standards, instruction and assessment.

Fabulous Google “Form”ative Assessments


Learn how to build online formative assessments using Google Forms plus an Add-on called Flubaroo. Flubaroo grades the assessment for you in minutes and sends your students an email with their results. No more hours of grading! Instead, interpret class results immediately and identify low scoring questions so you can intervene the next day in class. The formative assessment cycle of clarifying, eliciting, interpreting and acting on results has never been easier.

Saturday – February 27

How to Create a Happy Productive Classroom Part I


Bonus Session with Rick Morris, award-winning educator & author.

Write from the Start: Launching a Common Core Writers’ Workshop


Launching a Writers’ Workshop takes stamina, courage and patience. This session will focus on how to establish a Common Core Writers’ Workshop with our youngest learners. This session will include: creating a writing community, scheduling, building stamina, organizing materials, paper choice, mini-lessons, choosing mentor text and ideas for sharing student work. Woven through the session will be the emphasis on rigor, high expectations, Common Core State Standards and using work to inform instruction.

How to Create a Happy Productive Classroom Part II


In this session, Rick will demonstrate three powerful strategies. The first is called Safe Engagement: a simple way to maximize student-teacher interactions. The second technique is based on classroom gestures. Gestures will improve the quality of your lessons while enabling you to easily reach out to students in need. Finally, Rick will demo the use of sound makers and music to help reduce the amount of talking you do during the day which will help students to become independent, self-directed learners.

Positive Classroom Management Strategies and Discipline Techniques Balance Consequences with Care


Students take on the characteristics of the teacher they are with each day! Who are you teaching your students to be? Through a high-energy, interactive method, you will be exposed to multiple positive classroom management strategies and discipline techniques. In this session you will learn to effectively and consistently balance consequences with care within your classrooms and school. Time management challenges will be addressed along with community-building ideas and teaching techniques that can be implemented throughout the school year.

Inspire a Positive Growth Mindset in Your Students and Yourself


What is a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset and how does it directly relate to the Common Core standards? You will get to investigate your own mindset and how it affects your teaching and your students’ learning. Experience powerful videos, interactive activities, annotated note–taking strategies and quality questioning techniques that you can use now and throughout your career. Inspire your students to persevere through rigorous challenges and fully enjoy the discovery and learning process!