Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in the Mathematics Classroom

Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 3:00 PM

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Literacy development is every teacher’s responsibility. Learn how California’s new English Language Development (ELD) standards connect to California’s new math standards. All students are expected to learn the language of mathematics in order to effectively read a math text, respond to a word problem, explain their answer or approach to a problem, and critique another’s reasoning. All of these activities require the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills…in math! Participants will explore the new ELD standards as they relate to math teaching and learning.

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download-icon Give One, Get One

download-icon Handout 1: Content Knowledge partner read

download-icon Handout 2: Systems of Equations

download-icon Handout 3: Structure of ELD Standards

download-icon Handout 4: Integrating CA ELD Standards into Mathematics Teaching and Learning

download-icon Handout 5: The Grant family is taking a road trip

download-icon Handout 6: Snapshot chart

download-icon TK Snapshot: Tingo Tango Mango Tree

download-icon Grade 1 Snapshot: Mathematical Word Problems

download-icon Grade 2 Snapshot: Mathematical Word Problems

download-icon Grade 3 Snapshot: Research to Create a Bird Nesting Environment

download-icon Grade 4 Snapshot: Geometry

download-icon Grade 5 Snapshot: Muddy Feet

download-icon Grade 6 Snapshot: Data analysis