2016 GLBT Issues Conference Virtual Pass

CTA has selected sessions for live streaming from the 2016 GLBT Issues Conference to members who are not able to attend the conference in person. We know that many members are not always able to attend CTA conferences so we are bringing a part of this conference to you.


Creating Gender Inclusive Schools


Jonathan Skurnik, filmmaker and director of the Youth & Gender Media Project, will show several award-winning short films about transgender and gender-fluid youth and their families and discuss how educators are using the films and accompanying study guides in schools around the country to create safety for children across the spectrum of gender identity and expression. The screening of each film will be followed by discussions and fun, experiential exercises that teachers and facilitators can do to help their students, colleagues and parents/caregivers transform or deepen their understanding of gender.

Ideas to Transform Your School Culture


This workshop should particularly benefit teachers and administrators who seek to transform their school culture to one where ALL students feel safe and honored on a daily basis. While change does not happen overnight and our own work is an ongoing process, we are proud and excited to share the grassroots work we, the “LGBT Allies” of Crescenta Valley High School, have done in the last four years at our high school with fellow committed educators. Our hope is that both our successes and learning experiences in creating change on our campus can be of assistance to those hoping to do the same at their schools.

School Climate, FAIR Act & Out Teachers


School climate as experienced by LGBT students has been studied and reported by GLSEN since 1999. As such, the gap between the experiences of LGBT students and their heterosexual counterparts is well documented. As educators attempt to improve the situation, researchers are studying the efficacy of different strategies. This session should particularly benefit teachers in MA or EdD programs looking for ways to make their studies relevant to their LGBT students.