2016 Equity and Human Rights Conference Virtual Pass


Friday – March 4

Opening Session Keynote by Gyasi Ross


Gyasi Ross (Blackfeet) is an essayist and writer, poet and speaker, lawyer and activist. Through a life of service, listening and living within Native communities, Gyasi profoundly understands the needs of his people and has dedicated his life to forging change within his communities.

Saturday – March 5

Gladiators: Educators that Advocate


This session will help educators learn more about the rights of their LGBTQ students, develop tools they can use to advocate for their students and understand their own rights in order to protect themselves from negative consequences. The session will highlight model policies and best practices from across the state.

Ethnic Studies Now


This session will benefit educators who are interested in or are currently teaching Ethnic Studies in their school district. This presentation will give an overview of the ongoing movement by communities and educators to bring Ethnic Studies courses to high schools across the state of California.

Student Discipline: AB 420 Update


This session will provide an update on best practices on alternative discipline approaches such as Restorative Justice, Trauma Informed Schools and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Alternative discipline programs are effective in districts where all stakeholders teachers, administrators, parents and students work collaboratively with one another.