2015 GLBT Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Growing Your GSA


Take your GSA to the next level and create pathways to success. This session addresses strategies to enhancing campus climate, an annual curriculum of events and developing college and community partnerships. This session should particularly benefit high school and college GSA advisors.

Ideas to Transform Your School Culture


This workshop should particularly benefit teachers and administrators who seek to transform their school culture to one where ALL students feel safe and honored on a daily basis. While change does not happen overnight and our own work is an ongoing process, we are proud and excited to share the grassroots work we, the “LGBT Allies” of Crescenta Valley High School, have done in the last four years at our high school with fellow committed educators. Our hope is that both our successes and learning experiences in creating change on our campus can be of assistance to those hoping to do the same at their schools.

Creating a Safe Space: Legal Obligations in Today’s Classrooms


This workshop will explore best practices and strategies for implementing the California Student Safety & Violence Prevention Act of 2000 (AB537), Seth’s Law, AB1266, Title IX and Opt IN/OUT obligations. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and discuss specific laws that define the role of educators when working with all protected classes and GLBT students and staff. All grade levels welcome.

This presentation is a very easy way to support what the law says MUST happen in our classrooms. In addition, it outlines what teachers can and can’t do with DIVERSITY education that is embedded in social science and health curricula.