2015 Equity and Human Rights Conference Virtual Pass

Is There Room for Chicano/a Studies in the Common Core


Specific to California and our largely Latino/a student population, this session will focus on a framework for evaluating Chicano/a student literature and present examples of how Chicano/a Studies can be used with students in K-12 settings. Discussions will focus on embracing the teaching of historical and contemporary experiences of Chicano/as and the use of Chicano children’s literature for developing students’ critical understanding about what it means to be Chicano/a in today’s world.

Instructional Alignment and Smarter Balanced Assessments


As educators implement the Common Core Standards and incorporate the standards into their curriculum, it is important to know how instruction and assessments need to be aligned to ensure that students are well prepared for the Smarter Balanced Assessments. This presentation will focus on understanding how the four claims and the blueprints of the Smarter Balanced Assessments align with the Common Core Standards, curriculum, and instruction.

Forming Partnerships with Communities, Parents and Public Schools


This workshop will give you the necessary tools for forming partnerships with communities, parents and public schools. Only through these partnerships will our students have access to an equitable future.