2014 GLBT Issues Conference Virtual Pass

Addressing Moral Arguments Against LGBT Equality


Moral arguments are often used to deny equality to LGBT persons and to reject inclusive school policies and practices. Grounding an examination of moral claims in philosophical ethics, this presentation examines traditional moral perspectives and offers practical advice for responding to moral arguments against inclusion and equality.

How YOU can Introduce LGBT Inclusion and Train your District Admin and Staff (Train the Trainers Grant Funding)


After this workshop, you will be empowered to train your staff and admin on LGBT equity issues using nonthreatening, inclusive media, research and facts, and offer smart solutions to current, widespread problems in our communities.

Surviving the First Five – Strategies for New Teachers and Their Advocates


Afraid of being out as a new LGBT teacher? Are you or do you want to be an advocate to support LGBT teachers in your school or district? This workshop will help you maneuver through the sometimes difficult political and personal climates of your school or district.

Neurodevelopment of GLBT Populations


This presentation focuses primarily on neurodevelopmental differences and personality development of GLBT populations. Sufficient evidence exists to support GLBT development as being innate and typical of human development.