Tammy Duggan

Tammy Duggan is a veteran elementary school teacher with over twenty years of experience. Having always been an organizer, she has applied those skills to making her classroom and school a better place. Hearing her friends and colleagues long for a balance between a ten hour work day and the need to get their personal life back she wrote the book, The Uncluttered Teacher. This how-to book explains the de-cluttering, organizing and time management techniques needed to regain control of one’s day. It was also featured in the 2012 September issue of the California Educator. Tammy has also been the owner of, All In One Organizing, a personal organizing business, since 2007. Her goal has been to help people regain perspective and control of their clutter. Having written numerous articles on organizing for local publications and schools, Tammy’s focus is to show folks how they can be more efficient with managing belongings and schedules so they have more time to spend on what they truly enjoy.

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