Jon Pearson

Jon Pearson loves the CTA. He is an artist, writer, learning skills consultant, and former classroom teacher. He has worked with more than one thousand schools and one million teachers, students, parents, and administrators around the world. At GTC, he is going to show you how your students can picture their thinking and double their learning. His techniques are eye-opening, brain-enhancing, and ridiculously simple.

In the words of Rebecca Mieliwocki, the 2012 National Teacher of the Year, “Jon is the most creative teacher I have ever seen.” In the words of a twelve-year-old boy after trying some of Jon’s ideas: “I feel young again.” Jon hopes that you, too, will feel young again! Because Jon, himself, is secretly nine years old and still believes that courage, caring, and creativity will save the world!

  • Short Bio:Education Consultant
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