Jimmy Burns

It’s funny because it’s real.

Jimmy Burns has walked the halls and lived the life any teacher will recognize. Known for being teamed with Arsenio Hall, George Lopez or Brad Garrett, Jimmy is most at home telling stories from his days as a teacher. A skilled comic talent who finds an instant comfort level with his audience, Jimmy’s warmth and joyful approach make him a hit in any room – especially a room filled with educators.

In just under an hour, Jimmy spins his ten years of tales from life in the classroom.

Fifth grade, second and third – in big cities, small schools and a special math program and even as a substitute – his laugh-filled view from both sides of the desk. Jimmy recounts catching chicken pox from kindergartners, subbing in south-central Los Angeles and a glazed doughnut heist from the teacher’s lounge.

Your end result?

A delighted audience who enjoyed their time because they heard from one of their own.

It’s funny because it’s real.


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