Dean E. Vogel

A passionate consensus-builder, proven leader and teacher, Dean E. Vogel strongly believes California must engage educators more in policy decisions, and that by fighting to improve the working conditions of educators across the state, the union can improve the learning conditions of all students.

He believes that if you want to know how a child learns to read, ask a teacher, not a bureaucrat. If you want to know how a student can better achieve a college education, ask a school counselor, not a politician. It’s time to take back the teaching profession from billionaire education reformers who have no real understanding of the everyday dynamics of teaching and learning, Vogel contends. Drawing on his 39 years as an educator and award-winning counselor, Vogel has insights into many levels of public education gleaned from his rich experience as a public school teacher and counselor at the elementary and higher education levels. He has taught all elementary grades, including kindergarten, and has trained counselors and student teachers.

  • Company:California Teachers Association
  • Short Bio:Former CTA President, Teacher, Counselor, Father, Husband, Musician, Poet.
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