Second Workshop Session

Actively Engaging Learners with Standards-Based Songs (K-5)
Bullying as a Social Experience: Resources for Teachers to Intervene and Prevent Bullying (All)
Classroom Controversies: Shifting to Engineering Practices and Science Literacy (All) NEW!
ClassroomCouture – Core with Style! (K-6)
Common Core Writing Strategies (K-2)
Creating an Active Classroom (All)
Creating Differentiated ELA Lessons to Provide Access to CCSS for Students with Moderate to Severe Learning Disabilities (All) NEW!
Developing Positive School Disciplinary Alternatives through the Local Control Accountability Plan (All) NEW!
Discover the World of Member Benefits (All)
Diving into Depth of Knowledge, Make Sure They “Get It”: Comprehension Skills in Common Core (All) NEW!
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth: Breaking the Silence (101) (All)
Key to Success; Making the Common Core Standards Accessible to All Students (All) NEW!
POSITIVE Student Engagement Strategies and Teaching Techniques (All)
Quantitative Problem Solving: Using Parametric Representations… (6-8) Updated!
REFOCUS:  The Most Powerful Solution to Problem Behavior (All)
Simple Solutions #2: Classroom Management (All)
Teacher Leaders Improving Our Profession (All)
Teaching Next Generation Chemistry Content (9-12)