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The date & time picker is the most used feature by most ios users. But there are other date pickers too in iOS that are available in iOS 5.x. You don’t have to give up using that date picker just because this date picker is now available in iOS 5.0
Hence, in this article, we have listed some of the apps that help you customize this date picker in iOS 5.
Please note that the app list is not complete. Therefore, you should try some of the apps if they work fine with the date picker in iOS 5.x. So, let’s have a look at them now.
Date Picker Shortcuts

It’s time to upgrade your ios from iOS 4.1.2 to iOS 5.0.1. There are many changes that have been made in this version of iOS. You can see the list of features or changes in the below table.
Now, many users are left with an Open dialog when they click on Share button of a post. Then the standard sharing dialog will appear. However, if you wish you can change it to a text editing dialog that has all of the necessary tools as of now. In this article, we are going to give you three easy ways to customize the post sharing feature in iOS 5.
This is the first thing you need to do that to turn off the Share Sheet. It will appear when you click on the Share button of a post. Just find the sheet in the tab group of the Safari browser (You can find it by clicking on the Share button of a post. Then you will see the name of the sheet that appears in the tab group.
Step 2:
I know that most of the people have been complaining about the hang-up of the mailboxes in iOS 5. Hence, you will have to wait until the developers release the final version or fix the bug in the new ios 5.0.1 version. For now, we are giving you three easy methods to fix this issue.
Fix your mailboxes problem in ios 5.0

The built in Notes app in iOS 5 is the new replacement of the Notes application of iOS 4. As the name of the application suggests, it is primarily used to create and manage notes. In this article, we

PicturExtractor For PC

Show your taste and ethnic style of designer dress, regardless of season or trend, choose graphic design to show your unique style and exquisite taste, have a group of special items for you, and create a fierce visual expression, you are the gorgeous one. Select a theme model to express your emotion in the middle of a complicated and uneven natural environment in a casual and artistic way.

Send a message to someone. It is a great way to tell someone that you care about them or that you are thinking about them. If you want to ask someone to do something for you, for example, to send a message is a good way of doing it. You have to send the message to someone’s phone. Most of the people use their phone as their main device for email. It is also a handy device for entertainment. Many people use their cell phone as an entertainment device. A useful application is Message Plus. The first thing you have to do is to open the application. You have to type the email address of the person you want to send the message to. You have to put the message inside the box. You can change the color of the message by clicking the color button. You will see a message with your message. You will notice that the color of the message will change.

ColorSelector is a photo & video editing application that allows you to select colors from a palette of over 5,000,000 colors. With ColorSelector you can quickly select colors directly from your images using a pop-up or floating palette. You can change the foreground and background colors of any selected image in a single click. You can also selectively change colors of selected areas, groups, layers, and curves on a single image. ColorSelector includes 23 advanced editing tools for image correction, exposure and balance, gamma & color controls, canvas color remapping, history, document optimization, and more. Additionally, the Color Selector application enables quick management of your image/video collections.
Color Selector Premium Features
Over 5,000,000+ available colors!

Inform your friends that you are having a rough day by sending a text with a funny, colorful or sad text. If you are tired of sending boring, standardized texts like “hi”, “good morning” or “nít me, I don’t know what you say” in a normal tone, use this application.

Small, fast and healthy: this is your new phone. With this application

What’s New in the PicturExtractor?

Quick and easy screen capture utility.
PicturExtractor Features:
Screenshot utility that allows you to capture whatever you want without minimizing your current window or desktop. Save images of your desktop and even your active window in a wide variety of formats, with various advanced options.
I can recommend this application, as it’s simple to use, easy to understand and has a large number of options that provide numerous possibilities for taking, saving and displaying screenshots.

Winkey is a keyboard utility that can help you “make cool effects” on your keyboard. You can use it to display patterns, waveforms, lights, LCD lights, a number of images, etc. It’s a very simple utility. Actually, the main function of the application is to simply show images on your keyboard’s keycaps.
Although you can use all the images freely, you can also purchase additional keys from a software’s Web site. A 3D keycap is sold separately with the software.
Besides the keycap images, Winkey offers some other features that can be used in the free version. For example, you can use the same image as keycap, specify a key to display the image and save the layout as a template. You can specify a key to be mapped to a function, so you can assign new functions to keys. Animate keys can be done also, with two sets of images.
Because this is an inexpensive utility, there isn’t much room for error. Unlike its basic version, the pro version is a lot more developed, and has expanded functions and a large number of themes.
Winkey Key features:
Make cool effects on your keyboard.
Easy-to-use interface.
Includes an unlimited number of images and animated images.
Customize the layout and enter a long text message.
Save the layout as a template.
Animate the images.

aPhoebus II for Windows is a CD-audio enhancing and formatting utility. It lets you create, analyze, inspect and manipulate audio CD media data and play data. Apart from CD-audio format handling, this tool is also equipped with a waveform display function that allows you to compare recorded data to make sure it’s really what you played. With the “Extract” function, you can extract tracks from audio CD media and play it using your favorite player.
This software offers various import-export and search-replace functions. Also, you can create a custom audio CD with the layout you need.

System Requirements For PicturExtractor:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3-530, AMD Phenom II X4-860
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400, AMD Radeon HD 6750M
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Display: 1024×768 screen resolution
Additional Notes: XSplit 3.5
Step by Step Tutorial:
Download and install the latest DirectX 9c compatible driver for your computer.