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* The Oxygenator application is intended to be a simple monitor for your RAM level. * It is capable of monitoring the RAM and updating your screen with the current RAM usage. * It is intended to be one of the first applications designed to use the new skins feature of App Studio * It is a very small application and can be easily pasted to your system tray or desktop. * There is no adverts or spyware. * For those who have not been using Windows, get ready to be amazed at the simplicity and capability of the Oxygenator application. * The basic usage is to keep an eye on your RAM levels and use them as a visual indicator. * The interface is small, but has a details screen and a clear and easy to understand interface. * Ability to create custom skins. * Ability to obtain screen shots and screen capture taken from the details screen. * Ability to record screen shots. * Output your usage in your profile. * The details screen shows the following information * Total RAM available * Total RAM used * Free RAM * Used (applications and RAM) * Buffers available Derek, Thanks for the comments. To get the screen shots I made a folder called “Images” in the “Skins” directory and moved the oxygenator skins and screen shots in there. One of the difficulties with the old Oxygenator application was getting it to stay in the system tray. This is why I changed the program to a “Mini-App”, which is written in C# and runs very quietly, it’s called “Oxygenator Mini”. I have designed a small set of custom skins for the Mini-App so that it can look a bit more like the Oxygenator application it was designed to replace. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. To add custom sounds, you’ll need to add the sounds to the Oxygenator project. From the directory that the Oxygenator project is in, run “Oxygenator.exe Screenshot.scr”. A window will open, it will look like this: Click on the sound “Audio Notes” and select “Add New Audio”. It will open a new “Audio Dialog”. Navigate to the directory containing the “Oxygenator” project and click OK. Right-click on the Oxygenator audio file and select “

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Oxygenator App is a simple, lightweight program that acts like a monitor, making sure your iPad or iPhone is not running out of available RAM. Just connect the device via a USB cable to the Windows PC, and Oxygenator automatically runs, enabling you to interact with the iPad (or iPhone) just as if it were on the desk. Oxygenator is a great program to run your iPad while connected to a PC or Mac – it will allow you to keep your iPad awake whilst running small programs that don’t consume much RAM, but can also be used whilst your iPad is sleeping, to ensure it is kept awake. Oxygenator can also be used to see what other applications are running on your PC / Mac at the same time (the details screen), so you can be aware of any zombies running on your PC. Main Features: – The Oxygenator app is a lightweight application that goes into the Windows Task Manager and shows you whether you have enough RAM available to run your iPad or iPhone and which applications are using it. – Each iPad / iPhone is treated as a separate application, so you can see all the information for your iPad or iPhone – even if you’ve got more than one connected at a time. – It gives you a running report on how many processes are currently running on your device, the amount of memory, the total RAM, and the amount of memory that is in use. – It is possible to filter the report by any of the aspects of your iPad, like battery percentage or number of applications currently running. – Built-in battery stats for all of the most popular devices. – A “free memory” window, which allows you to select any memory range and get a list of all of the applications that are currently taking up that amount of memory. – A “details” window to give you a quick breakdown of all of the applications that are currently taking up RAM. – Swipe up/down to navigate the list of available apps – Quickly close all of the apps on your iPad – they will automatically be destroyed when Oxygenator closes – Press the Home button to close the app (this won’t destroy the other apps that you’re running). – Using the upper left widget, it is possible to see all of the running applications on your iPad at once. – Notifications of new apps that are running on your iPad will display in the widgets at the top of the window. – If you have 3a67dffeec

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I’ve been playing with at home (a fairly low spec 15″ Macbook Pro) and several days ago decided to set it up as a server to run all of my spare RAM to keep it running at a reasonably consistent level. I was hoping that it might be useful to people, so to help others with similar set-ups I’ve designed a tool to monitor running free RAM to give a real-time view of how each application is consuming it. Consuming RAM gets rid of the performance of your processor and in this case is essentially nothing more than working out how many bits to encode a file as, how many bits are already encoded, and how many it needs to allocate in the first place. This app is almost entirely driven from a WebSocket based connection to one of the two assigned scripts in the system and reads the values from the /proc file that the Linux Kernel provides to all running processes. Once it has a minimum amount of data it displays the data in a very basic but not ugly tic-tac-toe game to let you know what is going on, and keeps an eye on the problem areas too. In time, I’ll add more tools including a history & a “runaway process killer”, but for now it’s a simple one page tool to help you clean up your RAM. Note: This uses a lot of RAM on anything more than the faintest outline of a GUI, so it may prompt you to kill the app, or restart your computer, but that’s OK. If you keep the RAM under control it’s a great set-up. As an aside, if you’re looking for a machine to use as a server, be aware that some RAID setups need you to use a 2nd drive to create the RAID disk (or disks) History The app was born out of a need to have a “fantastic” budget tablet. The only tablet I owned had had an issue with the processor going crazy and eating all of the RAM leaving everything unusable. It was only a month later that the iPad was released, and almost immediately I wanted one. With the iPad comes the potentially world changing notion of “your computer is your tablet” and this idea was quickly realised. Although I always wanted to work on this application, it stayed unopened for too long (a full three years before I made it public). I worked on it at

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► The details screen shows everything about the RAM, including the actual RAM counter, a quick summary of RAM usage, an HDD performance summary, an IMAP status check, a log of your messages, and a daily log for a login and a reboot. The daily log is a good way to track whether a computer’s behaviour has changed over time (i.e. whenever it restarts after being idle overnight). ► You can also log login and reboot events to help track what’s happening on your computer and figure out what’s happening by checking the log on a daily basis. ► The details screen also shows your IMAP status so you can make sure any of your Mail accounts are working properly. ► Finally, the details screen reports the percentage of the RAM used as free RAM. ► And finally, the RAM counter shows you how much RAM your system has free and how much has been used. ► This application is simple and lightweight, and only needs about 1MB of RAM, but still supports skins. The RAM counter is also hidden under a customisable iconset which can be downloaded from here : The RAM counter does not require any network access. The installer program for Knoppix 3.5. The installer program can be downloaded from the third party AddOns link in the installer menu. This version is identical to Knoppix-3.5-1-b. The installer program for Knoppix 4.0. The installer program can be downloaded from the third party AddOns link in the installer menu. This version is identical to Knoppix-4.0-1-b. The installer program for Knoppix 4.1. The installer program can be downloaded from the third party AddOns link in the installer menu. This version is identical to Knoppix-4.1-1-b. The installer program for Knoppix 4.2. The installer program can be downloaded from the third party AddOns link in the installer menu. This version is identical to Knoppix-4.2-1-b. This graphics driver for XFree86 is designed to support the IBM R40 video card. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License and can be obtained from the Third Party AddOns link in the installer menu. This graphics driver for X

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Windows: Mac OS X: Linux: Minimum: Designed for: Minimum requirements are aimed at giving the player the most bang for their buck. They are not hard requirements. Recommended: Recommended requirements are aimed at giving the player the best experience with the game possible, even if a more powerful computer is used. There is room for improvement. Very High: Very