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MusicWrench is a professional application designed to identify duplicate songs and artists, to auto and manually-assist fixing ID3 tags, and to organize your music files.
MusicWrench especially caters to those who are particular about the information within their music files as well as their music’s file structure.
MusicWrench finds duplicate artists and duplicate MP3 songs using intelligent pattern-matching. MusicWrench tags your songs using the Discogs database with over 6 million songs to reference. MusicWrench can rename your music files to match your own desired naming style.







MusicWrench Crack + Activation [Mac/Win]

== Automatic Duplicate Track Fix ==
MusicWrench Crack Mac can automatically fix ID3 Tags of each track. You can specify the ID3 version, ID3 tag value pairs, start time, and end time.
== Tracks Organizer ==
MusicWrench can create playlists for your music by filtering the songs based on information such as artist, album, and song. You can import your existing playlists created by other music applications or edit them directly.
== Discogs Database Tag Fixer ==
Discogs tracks and albums list is based on track data on Discogs.
== Auto and Manual ID3 Tag Fixer ==
When an ID3 tag match is found in both your song and a Discogs track, MusicWrench can offer to automatically or manually fix it.
== Professional Manual ID3 Tag Fixer ==
Use the Manual ID3 Tag Fixer to fix tags by yourself. You can choose from a popup menu to fix the ID3 tag, “CD information”, “Title”, “Track number”, “Encoding”, “Album artist”, “Artist”, “Album”, “Track title”, “Year”, “Disc number”, “Duration”, “Label”, “Composer”, “Publisher”, and “Barcode”.
== Browse Music Files ==
MusicWrench provide a file browser window to search for music files. You can search by the artist, album, title, or the location of music files. You can even filter the songs by their ID3 tags.
== Browse Discogs Albums ==
MusicWrench provides a Discogs album browser window for you to view album details from Discogs.
== Browse Discogs Tracks ==
MusicWrench provides a Discogs track browser window for you to view the details of a specific track from Discogs.
== Playlist Management ==
MusicWrench can create your own custom playlists.
== Create Your Own Playlist ==
You can create a playlist using the playlist editor and then drag & drop the tracks into the playlist to add them to the playlist.
== Import/Export Playlists ==
MusicWrench can export your playlists in XML format, and import them to MusicWrench.
== Backup your Playlist ==
You can export your playlists as M3U and WAV format files.
== Password Protection ==
You can create a password for your playlists to prevent others from removing the playlists.
== Create Playlist from Existing Music Directory ==

MusicWrench Free Download [Mac/Win]

* MusicWrench Crack For Windows helps you find duplicate songs and duplicate artists. * MusicWrench automatically or manually fixes your song ID3 tags, organize your music and rename your music files. * MusicWrench uses database with over 6 million songs, and over 1.4 million artists to match your music. * MusicWrench can automatically tag songs within your music library, and find duplicate music by title and artist. * MusicWrench uses cross-platform compatibility to help you organize and tag your music across all platforms.
MusicWrench Features:
* Quickly locate duplicate music across your music library by artist and song title * Let MusicWrench help you automatically tag your music and improve your music library by naming your music files as you like * Improve your music library by quickly organizing your music with customizable tags * MusicWrench uses the free database Discogs to help you find duplicate songs by artist, title and year * MusicWrench can rename your music files to any format you like, so you can organize your music according to your own preferences * MusicWrench can move music files from hard drive to iPod/iPhone/iPad, and save location of music files on devices * MusicWrench can append songs within a music file. Because music files cannot have duplicate song, but they can have duplicate artist * MusicWrench can extract music information from ID3 tags and export audio files to iTunes * MusicWrench can export music into media players, including Windows Media Player, iPod, and iPhone. With MusicWrench, you can easily share music on the web.
MusicWrench can detect duplicate songs by applying the pattern-matching algorithm that comes from the Discogs software and database. The discogs database is a free music database that catalogs over 1.4 million different artists and 6 million different songs that others have downloaded. MusicWrench currently has over 60% accuracy rate.
MusicWrench will not rename your music files while discogs is updating. It will not rename files when you restart your computer. We recommand the automatic or manual fix method of ID3 tags and music renaming.
MusicWrench automatically finds duplicate music by title and artist. After you label your music, you can use MusicWrench to rename your music files to your preferred naming style. Renaming may be a pain and a time-consuming exercise, but it’s much more convenient than organizing music using discogs and iTunes.
MusicWrench can extract and export audio files from ID3 tags.

MusicWrench Crack+

*Import and organize music files using any extension or pattern*
*Basic and advanced tag editing to match Discogs*
*Manage your music collection using a simple and intuitive user interface*
*Record your own and create a standard index of your music*
*Encrypt your music collection and share it with others*
*Find music using the Spotify API*
*Share music with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter*
*Convert your MP3s to a lossless format*
*Easily preview your music and decide whether to manually add metadata or auto-matching*
*Automatically play your music when an album is selected*
*Import and export to a wide variety of formats including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, amazon S3 and more*
*Create playlists with MP3 files and preview thumbnails and lyrics*
*Manage your music collection with graphical charts and graphs*
*File search with Spotify API*
*Manage music metadata with Discogs**
*MusicWrench will improve your music collection as well as protect it from unauthorized leaks of your data*
*The full Discogs database is available in MusicWrench
MusicWrench Version History:
– 0.4.0
– Added support for Google Drive
– Added support for Google Play Music
– Added display support for previewing and launching playlists
– Added support for Spotify API
– Added support for id3v2
– Added support for merging duplicate titles
– Fixed rare bug causing corrupted playlists
– Fixed bug that was causing duplicate track artists when multiple similar titles were played at the same time
– Fixed rare bug in Discogs import
– Fixed bug in user actions during import
– Miscellaneous small bug fixes
Please feel free to report any bugs here (
MusicWrench Video Tutorial:
*Keyboard shortcuts in MusicWrench*


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