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Enrollment Forms - Also, visit for online enrollment

Member Enrollment Form Instructions — This How-To sheet is intended for Chapter Leaders that are assisting new members to complete the enrollment form.

CTA Membership Enrollment Forms – Used for enrolling new members

Membership Dues Structures – Displays the annual dues amounts and category descriptions for CTA and NEA

Materials for Membership Chairs/Contacts

Membership Handbook – A guide for Membership Chairs/Contacts for CTA membership procedures

Overview of Online Enrollment – A general overview of CTA’s online enrollment process

Online Enrollment Need-To-Know – A quick guide for local leaders about online enrollment

CTA Membership Transactions Report – A guide for local leaders to identify new members that enrolled online

Training and Tools – How to get trained on CTA’s Association Management Tools

Request Membership Materials – Online form to request membership materials, such as paper enrollment forms

Request Member Benefits Materials – Use this online form to order Member Benefits brochures and products for your local

Request Membership Recruitment & Bulletin Kit – Use this online form to order new member recruitment brochures and flyers

Membership Engagement Tools for Local Leaders

Benefits of Membership – This document details the benefits received by CTA Members vs Non-Members.

Tough Questions – This document contains different approaches on how to respond to concerns potential members may have about becoming a member.

Welcoming New Members – This document offers strategies on connecting and engaging with potential members.

Commitment Cards – This quick How-To sheet details everything a local needs to know to get started using the Membership Commitment Card

Membership Processing Toolkit — Guidelines and resources for working with members that inquire about dropping membership.

How to Retrieve and Analyze Member Survey Results – Use this document to access the responses from your members that completed the New Member Engagement Survey on the CTA Enrollment form or from a 1:1 conversation using the survey found in CTA 360.

CTA/NEA Retired Brochure — Membership form to continue membership after retirement

Voluntary Contribution Forms

General Fund Allocation Form — Allows members to reallocate a portion of their CTA dues to the General Fund instead of the Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC) or to IE (Independent Expenditures).

Voluntary Dues Contribution — The $20 voluntary dues contribution is a component of the CTA dues. Members may elect to opt out of all or a portion of the $20 by completing the form to request a refund.

NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Contribution Form – The NEA-FCPE supports friends of public education who are candidates for federal office.

CTA Disaster Relief Fund Contribution Form – The Disaster Relief Fund provides financial assistance to CTA members who have experienced significant losses due to natural or other disasters in California.

CTA Issues PAC Contribution Form – The Issues PAC is your voice for public education in California and supports/opposes issues only, not candidates.

CTA Association Management System

CTA 360 & CTA 360Pro — Security form for authorization of CTA 360 and CTA 360Pro

MyFalcon Navigation Training — Brief tutorial on navigating and confirming data in MyFalcon

MyFalcon Navigation Guide — The steps to search individual records and local leadership information

Falcon Newsletter – These periodic newsletters for users highlight the new updates to the system and reports.  A must read for all users.

Falcon Output Requests — Request form for complex sets of data.

  • All Political Campaign Releases should be sent to CTA Governmental Relations. The Membership Accounting Department does not generate election related lists.