Membership Processing FAQ

Introduction to Online Enrollment

Membership Processing Questions:

What are the timelines for membership processing?

Ongoing work for membership processing is to send in new enrollments and submit payroll authorization copy of enrollment form to district payroll office weekly. Establishing procedures for contacting the non-members and develop ongoing strategies to encourage membership is critical to organizing and engaging members. Please refer to page 1 of the Membership Handbook for a complete list of timelines.

What is the difference between an active member and an associate member?

Active membership shall be open to any person engaged in, or who is on a limited leave of absence from non-administrative, non-supervisory professional educational work.

Associate membership shall be open to any person who is interested in advancing the cause of public education but who is not eligible for any other class of membership in the Association.

What qualifies a person to become a member in a local?

An active member holds a position that is covered by the local’s bargaining contract. Active membership requires a signed CTA membership enrollment and payment of dues.

How do I handle a member who goes on an unpaid leave of absence?

We highly encourage informing local members that go on a leave of absence about the invaluable benefits they may be jeopardizing by not maintaining CTA membership.

Maintaining membership during a leave of absence preserves:

  • Participation in the CTA Group Legal Services Program
  • Insurance programs, and eligibility and continuous years of service for our Death & Dismemberment Plan.
  • For more details please refer to the membership handbook, page 4.

Members can pay prorated cash dues for the remainder of the school year to maintain membership at a category 3A for CTA, NEA, and local levels.

How does a member cancel their membership?

Cash-paying members should send written notification of intent to cancel membership to the local and the CTA Membership Accounting Department.

Payroll members must send a written request to drop membership to the local chapter president.  Additional information can be found here.

NOTE: When a member asks to cancel membership, try to determine the reason. An effort should then be made to remedy the member’s dissatisfaction as the first positive step in encouraging him/her to rejoin.

How do I get membership enrollment forms?

If you need a single form to send to a member, click here to find and download a copy. If you need a large quantity of enrollment forms, contact the CTA Membership department at (650) 552-5278 or

Can I update the members information myself?

Yes, you can update the membership database through two different tools, CTA 360 (mobile app) or CTA 360Pro (desktop). Click here for training information.

Our local is working on a mailing to send an invitation to all teachers who were hired in the past three years. Is there a report that could give us the list of names, hire dates, and addresses?

Requests for more complex sets of data can be submitted through the Report Request process. The Report Request form is an interactive PDF file that can be completed online and then emailed to For more information on how to fill out the form, please refer to the membership handbook, page 25.


General Membership Questions:

How can I request a membership card?

Membership cards can be requested through the membership department (650) 552-5278 or

How can I maintain membership after I retire?

Retired membership is available for members to purchase. Please click here to visit our website and enroll online.

Where do I find information about my benefits as a CTA member?

For information about your benefits please visit members benefits site

Where do I get information about legal services? website has information regarding legal services. Click here for more information.

I recently changed school districts, why am I not an active member?

Any time a member changes school districts, a new CTA membership enrollment form must be filled out to maintain membership. Also, if a member is out on unpaid leave for more than one year, they must fill out a new CTA membership enrollment form to reactivate their membership.