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But I am displaying the output correctly but I am unable to join the string for every download separately. How can I fix the issue?


You can do it all in one go using a command line tool called join.
You can run
join -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 School of Computing, Bangor University

The School of Computing at Bangor University is a teaching and research department of Bangor University which focuses on the teaching and research of information technology. It is the only school at Bangor which teaches computer science, although there is an associated Centre for Academic Informatics within the Faculty of Engineering. The school was founded in 1979 with an initial intake of twenty students.

The School of Computing was founded in 1979 with an initial intake of twenty students. It joined the Faculties of Engineering and Science in 1989. At this time, the School of Computing was based in the Penrhyn Building, next to the Penrhyn Quarry but was moved to the Howardian Building in 2010. It is currently based in the Howardian Building on the campus in Bangor along with the other schools of the Faculty of Engineering and Science.

The school has five staff members and is headed by Dr Mark R. Matos. In 2013 the then Dean of the faculty of engineering, Dr. Russell C. Sims, was told that the School of Computing had been reclassified from a School of Computing to a Centre for Academic Informatics, and that its Dean would then be Matos rather than Sims. In January 2014, Matos was confirmed in the post as Dean of the School of Computing.

Academic Departments
The School of Computing has the following departments:

Career Development
The School of Computing has an annually-taught graduate diploma in Computer Science, taught entirely online. The course is designed for mature learners, and is a prerequisite for a BA in Computer Science. In addition, the school has a Professional Masters in Computer Science, also taught online and with the possibility of full-time study.


Jul 23, 2018
IDM UltraEdit Portable v21 20 0 1009 Incl Keymaker-CORE!!BETTER!! Full Version. IDM UltraEdit Portable V21 20 0 1009 Incl Keymaker-CORE!!BETTER!! Full Version. can be constructed using the Gelfand-Zeitlin pattern [@jeans1937; @ecp2008] of each equilibrium manifold. We do not, however, take this approach here.

[^13]: Note that this definition of the normal form is different from the definition in Ref. [@Mar2006_pre]. The corresponding normal form variables $\xi_j$ are not related to the ‘eigenvalues’ in a simple way in that case.

[^14]: In the case of $\gamma
eq 2$, this is done in Ref. [@Hab2009_jsp], for the case $d=1$ with two types of trajectories. The extension to the generic case is based on our earlier work [@HS2016JPA].

[^15]: Here we used the term ‘background’ in a broad sense for the sake of generality, which does not exclude the resonance case $p=1$.

[^16]: The role of the particle motion in a gas of classical particles in the quantum mechanics literature is discussed in Ref. [@Abl1976_book].

[^17]: The point here is not whether an asymptotic density profile is exact or not, but rather how to see if it is roughly preserved over long times or is qualitatively changed (e.g. to the case of vortex formation in classical plasma physics).

[^18]: This will be done systematically in Ref. [@HS2016JPA].

How to use a form inside a modal window?

How can I use a form inside a modal window?
I want to submit some of the form values when the user clicks a button inside the modal window.


If you’re using bootstrap you can accomplish this with modal dialog.
Read more about modal dialog here




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