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Fall CCA Conference is Cancelled Due to Hotel Strike

The Oct 12-14 Fall CCA Conference is cancelled due to a strike of the operating engineers Local 39 at the DoubleTree San Jose. 

Local 39 went out on strike, October 9th,  at the DoubleTree hotel along with another hotel in Oakland.  We have been in contact with the local and they have asked for our support in their labor dispute and they are not optimistic at this point that the strike will end soon.  Just as we supported our sisters and brothers from Unite Here Local 19 that went on strike at the Marriott San Jose last week, we feel it is important to support Local 39 as well.

We have investigated other options for holding the Fall Conference at another venue but are unable to find a suitable location on such short notice and as a result, we are cancelling the conference.

What to do Next?

If you made a room reservation at the DoubleTree or Hilton Santa Clara using the CCA Conference link, CTA will cancel those room reservations for you immediately.  If you made a reservation at another hotel, you will need to cancel those reservations directly with the hotel as soon as possible to avoid cancellation penalties.

If you booked air travel, you should go online and cancel your flights.  If you had a ticket with Southwest, the funds can be held and used on another flight within a year from the date you booked the flight.  If you are in a position to hold those funds and use them for either another CCA event or a personal flight, that would be great.  If you had a ticket from another airline and you would like to reuse the balance (assuming there is a balance), CCA will pay the fee for changing the flight (assuming that the change fee is less than the flight). If, however, you are not in a position to reuse the funds, here is the process for reimbursement the CCA Treasurer and I have come up with:

  1.  Cancel the flight and have the flight cancellation sent to your email.  Please be aware that if you have a refundable fare and you do not cancel the flight, Southwest will keep the funds.
  2.  Fill out a Member Expense Statement for the amount of the ticket.
  3.  Attach BOTH the reservation with the dollar amount of the ticket AND the cancellation notice to your Member Expense Statement.
  4.  Send it to Fola at treasurercommunitycolleges@gmail.com.

If you have questions, please email the CCA Treasurer at the above and she will be happy to assist you.