2015 CCA Winter Conference Documents

Bargaining Academy – Sunshining through Initial proposals

Bargaining Strategy

Charting Our Influence – Tracking Sheet part 1

Charting Our Influence – Tracking Sheet part 2

Charting Our Influence

Choosing an Issue

Common Core Standards FRAMES

FRAMES Exercise

Organizing Web

Retirement Issues Facing Part-Time Faculty

Strategic Calendaring

Effective Executive Board, Bargaining Team and Organizing Team Coordination
0b An Injury to One
0c Caution
1a Organizational Chart
1b All Chapter functions
1c Roles and Relationships
1d Preparing for Conducting Meetings
1e Table of parliamentary motions
1f Request for Dev of Bylaws
2a1 COG Poster
2b Building a Stronger Local
2c How Stronf is My Local Association
2d Strategic Leverage Chart
2e Environmental Forces
2f Considerations for Developing Surveys
2h UTA bargaining survey
2i Site Visit Report Form
2k Checklist–Barg Grievance Org Coordination
3a Organizing Bargaining Goals
3b Org plan form
3c Actions, Message, Issues
3d Educate Agitate Escalate
3e phone tree direction
3f Sample phone tree starter
3g Columbia Jr
3h Care and Feeding Phone Tree
3i Planning 10min meetings
3j Ten Minute Meeting Agenda
3k Organizational Communication
3l Sample The Grapevine
4a Past Practice
4b Sample Cease and Desist Letter
4c Sample Unfair Practice Charge
4d Sample Grievance form
4e Grievance Form
4f Grievance Timetable
4g Grievance Summary form
4h Considerations For Arbitration
4i Association Arbitration Recommendation Form
5a The Brown Act