CTA 360Pro – Training and Access

Two simple steps to get access to CTA 360Pro:

  1. Get trained!  Users have two options for training:
  2. Complete this online form for individual and/or group access. CTA will create an account for each user and email their login and password. Please allow up to 3 working days to verify eligibility and to enable access OR return a signed CTA 360Pro Authorization Form to CTA360@cta.org

Are you a current CTA 360 mobile app user?  

  • If you have already been trained and have access to the CTA 360 mobile app, you can use that same username and password information to access CTA 360Pro with your Chapter President’s approval.
  • If you are having difficulty accessing CTA 360Pro with your mobile app login, please contact CTA’s Membership Department, 650-552-5278 or CTA360@cta.org

Who can have access to CTA 360Pro?

  • Any local leader or involved member with the Local President’s approval
  • CTA 360Pro is designed for local leaders to have access to their entire local
  • Access can be limited to a designated time period or is available for the entire membership year.
  • Access must be renewed every membership year, as appropriate.