CTA 360 – Training & Access


Two simple steps to get access to CTA 360:

  1. Get trained on the app.  Users have two options for training:
  2. Complete this online form for individual and/or group access. CTA will create an account for each user and email their login and password. Please allow up to 3 working days to verify eligibility and to enable access.OR

    Return a signed CTA 360 Authorization Form to CTA360@cta.org


Who can have access to CTA 360?

  • Any local leader or involved member with the Local President approval
  • There are 2 security groups available in CTA 360
    • Local Access – User will have access to everyone within the LOCAL
    • Work Location Access – User will only have access to those within the assigned WORK LOCATION
  • Access can be limited to a designated time period or is available for the entire membership year.  Access must be renewed every membership year, as appropriate.