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However, as some CAD users like me are looking for a DIY alternative, this AutoCAD tutorial will guide you step-by-step to make your own DIY CAD!


1. Your own laptop or desktop computer.

2. Computer with at least 2GB of free hard drive space.

3. Free 2GB of RAM.

Step 1: Download and install Windows 7 Ultimate

All downloads must be downloaded from reputable vendors and must come directly from their website. Don’t use torrents or other third-party sites to download software, it is illegal.

Please make sure you download the right software for your computer: 32-bit for Windows 7 64-bit for Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Download the AutoCAD standalone installer: Click the below download links for 32-bit or 64-bit.

Download a free 2GB hard drive installer: Click the below download links for 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 2: Install Autodesk

After downloading the files, go to File -> Run. Run the downloaded file.

Follow the prompts, and type in your user name and password.

Step 3: Download Caddiolp

Download the ZIP file: Click the below download links for 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 4: Extract the zip file

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, double-click file to extract the file.

Right-click on the extracted folder, and click “Open Folder” to access the files inside it.

Drag and drop the.dll files that you have downloaded from Autodesk website into the opened folder, and click “Open Folder” again to access the files inside it.

Make sure you have placed the.dll files in the same folder where the AutoCAD software is installed.

Step 5: Install AutoCAD

Right-click on the extracted folder, and click “Run As Administrator” to run the setup file.

Click “Next” to start the setup wizard.

Select your location, and click “Next”.

Click “I accept the terms of agreement” to agree with the license agreement.

Click “Next” to start the setup wizard.

Click “Yes” to install AutoCAD

AutoCAD Activator

Style application : Autodesk Style Designer
Style builder : A style builder is a composition of styles, and allows for text, line, polyline, circle, ellipse, rectangle, line and path style elements and attributes to be combined. Style builder is a separate application.

AutoCAD R2000 to R2012 release also introduced native 2D raster image output.

AutoCAD R2013 release introduced changes to the raster image output, as follows:

Autodesk introduced the SnapDraw-Triangle method. It is used to create a triangle of two or three points that, when hit with the mouse, draw a line between the points. It also supports snapping to the nearest multiple of any selected distance.

The Precision snap is used to automatically draw lines at snap distances. The Precision snap works differently for distances along the x and y axes, and it can be turned off. When the Precision snap is turned off, there is no snapping. The Precision snap can be enabled from the SnapDraw dialog box.

The Snapping tool is used to control the snapping of the Precision snap.

Path drop points: Points can be dragged from one path to another, creating a combined path.

Intersect features are used to build vectorised polygons from a sequence of lines, curves, arcs and closed polygons.

Geometry editing and editing simplification tools: Edit Geometry is a tool that simplifies polyline and polygon curves by flattening or further flattening selected curves. The resulting curve is made up of straight line segments. Edit Geometry is used with the Drafting Tools Editor. Editing simplification tools are used to simplify the work of editors.

The following diagram shows the effects of the new functionality introduced in AutoCAD R2013.

AutoCAD R2013 Release also introduced an updated drawing tool bar. AutoCAD R2013 Release also brought many other new features to the software. Some of the new features included:

2D raster image output

DXF raster image import and export

The ability to draw and modify multiple objects at once

New 2D crosshair snap tool

SnapDraw-Triangle tool

Stabilizing lines: When a line moves, it can move in different ways and if it does not move to the same place each time it is dragged, it can look ragged. This effect can be minimized by stabilizing the line.

Object editing

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== Description ==

The minimum requirement to run this tool is to have :
– a Windows PC
– Autodesk Autocad installed in a Windows PC

== Actions ==

[start=1] 1. Press the “Alt+Shift+P” to open the “Plug-ins” preferences dialog box.

[start=2] 1. The “Plug-ins” dialog box will now be opened. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and choose the “General” category.

[start=3] 1. Click on the “Load” button to load the autocad.dll file.

[start=4] 1. The “Load” dialog box will be opened. Click the browse button and select the autocad.dll file you want to use.

[start=5] 1. Click the “Load” button.

[start=6] 1. A windows will open asking for the passcode to unlock the keygen. Enter the passcode and press OK.

[start=7] 1. The keygen is now unlocked and ready to use. Press the “OK” button to close the dialog box.

[start=8] 1. Click on the “1” button in the “General” tab and the keygen window will appear.

[start=9] 1. You are now ready to enter your username and password.

[start=10] 1. Enter your Autodesk account username and password.

== Results ==

[start=1] 1. Press OK to confirm the changes.

[start=2] 1. Press “F5” to run the tool.

You will see the message below indicating that the tool has been successfully installed.

[start=3] 1. You are now ready to use the tool.

== See also ==

link:AutocadKeygen.html[Autocad Keygen]


var DomUtils = require(“../utils/domutils”),
Dom = DomUtils.Dom,
byTag = Dom.byTag;

// Gets all nodeName-named elements that match the given selector
// (either

What’s New In?

Add AutoLISP functions to your markup and programming languages. Add AutoCAD commands to AutoLISP expressions using the Autocad2AutoLisp function.

Use PowerPoint to insert comments. In PowerPoint you can now send comments to AutoCAD as text and as graphics.

Dashed and Continuous Line Tool (Enhanced Line):

The new Continuous Line tool creates clean, dashed lines. It automatically connects segments, so you don’t have to adjust the line ends. The dashed line automatically adds a small gap between the segments.

Design features

Use the new tool palette to work with easily created dimension styles. You can now add either sketch or dimension tools to a tool palette, and choose from the two available tool families (sketch and dimension) to get more options for the two tool types.

Print templates:

Raster and PDF templates can be edited with no graphics tools and imported in other drawings.

Fixed and floating guides:

Keep the floating guide window on the drawing surface when AutoCAD is minimized and the floating guide is created.


Native and simplified Chinese language localization.

User Interface

The PKB (Parameter Browser) is now shared with other applications such as Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Web Apps.

Append a PKB (Parameter Browser) to the end of any M text string.

Create and use AutoCAD Variables (variables.inp) directly within PKB (Parameter Browser) fields.

Bug fixes

The Snapping tool allows you to edit a drawing in an infinite loop until you stop snapping. The tool’s error message now includes a dialog box with suggestions for fixing errors.

Display the default error dialog box when an unknown parameter is encountered in the PKB.

Improved layout of the overlay pane when multiple drawings are open.

Display the current tool (pencil, marker, shape builder, or polar grid) in the status bar when working in a perspective view.

Add a history pane to the Overlay box and the Viewbox.

The horizontal scroll bar is visible for the Canvas and Layer panes.

In the Screen layout editor, the editing area moves to the center of the drawing area when no drawing is selected.

An arrow is added to

System Requirements:

-Windows XP SP2
-Broadband Internet connection
-7-Zip version 3.1
-Runtime 2.0
1. Download the 7-zip installer from the link provided below.
2. Run the 7-Zip installer.
3. Install 7-zip on the target machine.
Instructions for installing the latest version of 7-Zip can be found here.
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