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knockout js x-data-bind:template

i have a question about the x-data-bind property of knockout.
One of my template uses the x-data-bind attribute and i get the following error :

It looks like you’re using the x-data-bind attribute with the knockout extender plugin ( This is not supported. Instead, bind to the element directly using the context binding (ie: /data-bind=”context: $data” ).

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?


x-data-bind is meant to be used with the initializer plugin.
The following should work fine:

Content goes here

If you don’t use the initializer plugin, then you don’t need to use x-data-bind.


Build Payload object of MongoDB Document

I’m actually trying to create a document that I can easily send as a response to the MongoDB server, from a Node.js API server.
My payload could be very complex, so I’d like to have it build it as a mongoose document and send it to the server as an object.
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